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Best Practices for Recovering your Subaru

Get a hitch!


A hitch with a grade 8 pin and/or a shackle adapter with a rated 3/4" shackle is one of the best, easiest, and quickest means of attaching a recovery strap to your car. Forces are equalized between two points. 

The weak points are the typical grade 5 mounting hardware, the hitch pin, and the sub frame tearing. 



Nothing is EVER guaranteed. Always inspect gear for cracks, rips, tears, signs of stress, loose bolts, etc etc before and after use. 

ALWAYS stand very clear of the recovery, as you never know when something may let loose! 

Stand at least one distance of the length of strap away. 

Front Bridle


Use two hard shackles and a 10-15ft long tow strap to create a bridle in the front of your Subaru using the factory front tie-down points. This not only equalizes the forces between two points, but also creates a centered pull. 

Weak points are the tow points on the car, always check for stress, cracks, rips, etc before and after using this method. 

Good straps!


Straps with loops! NO HOOKS!

Have two different types of straps. Traditional tow straps do NOT stretch, putting harsh forces on everything.

Snatch straps and Kinetic ropes have between 15% and 30% stretch, lowering the stress on attachment points and your neck. Be sure to attach to something solid, as there is a TON of energy stored! 

Typically you want 2-3x the GVWR of your vehicle for snatch and kinetic straps. Too large and it won't stretch correctly. 11k~13k (17k MAX)lb ratings are best and easiest to find.  

Only tow eyes as last resort!


ONLY use the factory supplied screw-in tow eyes found on newer models as a very last resort. These can bend, break, tear themselves out of the car, and sometimes even tear the entire crash bar off the car! 

 O.S.CO is NOT LIABLE for damage or injury, always use best judgement and slower, safer methods like winching when possible.